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To explore certain topics in detail, or to summarize event proceedings, authors use our FORREX Series, which may be co-published with collaborating organizations. Readers can find in-depth, peer-reviewed information on a range of natural resource management topics, contributing to the body of literature that supports sound decision making.

The Community Forestry Guidebook II: Effective Governance and Forest Management
Susan Mulkey and J. Kenneth Day (editors) FS30.pdf

In the face of many challenges related to a range of ecological, economic, and social factors, a growing number of British Columbia’s forest-dependent communities see community forests as a way to stabilize their rural economies. By integrating cultural, ecological, economic, and social sustainability, community forests promote local livelihoods, encourage community participation, and foster long-term environmental stewardship.

Since its introduction in 1998, the Community Forest Agreement Program has expanded significantly and now 47 Community Forest Agreements operate province-wide, with another 11 communities and First Nations engaged in the application process. Along with this growth, community forest organizations have increasingly requested information, tools, and techniques specifically related to this unique tenure. This guidebook addresses several governance and forest management information priorities identified by BC Community Forest Association members.

Climate-induced Changes to Natural Disturbance Regimes and Management Responses in British Columbia: Impacts on Natural and Human Systems
Alan M. Wiensczyk, Don Gayton, Todd Redding, Jason Leach, Kathie Swift, Shikun Ran, Pedro Lara Almuedo, and Davide Cuzner Chapter 1 - Introduction | Chapter 2 - Forest Succession | Chapter 3 - Watersheds | Chapter 4 - Biodiversity and Wildlife | Chapter 5 - Forest Carbon

The most demonstrable effects of climate change may be shifting natural disturbance regimes. Thus, a major challenge facing natural resource managers and policymakers in BC will be adapting post-disturbance land management decisions and activities to address these shifts. This FORREX Series presents a synthesis of the best available research and experiential and traditional ecological knowledge on the impacts and consequences of these shifts (and our responses to them) to forest successional patterns, watershed processes, biodiversity and wildlife, and forest carbon.

A Scientific Basis for Managing Northern Goshawk Breeding Areas in the Interior of British Columbia: Best Management Practices
A. Kari Stuart-Smith, William L. Harrower, Todd Mahon, Erica L. McClaren, and Frank I. Doyle PDF
Cumulative Impacts of Natural Resource Development on Ecosystems and Wildlife: An Annotated Bibliography for British Columbia
Judi Krzyzanowski and Pedro Lara Almuedo. PDF
Review of Hydrologic Models for Forest Management and Climate Change Applications in British Columbia and Alberta.
Jos Beckers, Brian Smerdon, and Matt Wilson. PDF
Carbon Management in British Columbia’s Forests: Opportunities and Challenges.
Mike Greig and Gary Bull. PDF
Impacts of Climate Change on British Columbia’s Biodiversity: A literature review.
Donald V. Gayton PDF
A Recovery Action Plan for Northern Caribou Herds in North-central British Columbia.
R. Scott McNay, Doug Heard, Randy Sulyma, and Rick Ellis. PDF

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Sustainable Forestry Benchmarks for British Columbia: A Geographic Information Systems Assessment of Undeveloped Watersheds as Ecological Monitoring Units.
Mike Fenger and Matthew Wheatley. Full PDF | Executive Summary
Problem Analysis: Effects of Invasive Species on Species at Risk in British Columbia
Joan Voller and R. Scott McNay. PDF
Key points to consider when pre-planning for post-wildfire rehabilitation.
Pike, R.G. and J.G. Ussery. PDF
Decision frameworks for sustainable forest management criteria and indicators initiatives.
Swift, K. and J. Dunford. PDF
Scientific review and gap analysis of sustainable forest management criteria and indicators initiatives.
Hickey, G.M. and J.L. Innes. PDF
Species summaries and procedures for managing priority wildlife in the omineca region.
M. Martin, K. Everett, and K. Zimmerman (compilers). PDF
The community forestry guidebook: Tools and techniques for communities in British Columbia.
Gunter, J. (editor). PDF