Empowering People With Knowledge


FORREX envisions a society of continuous learners making decisions supporting sustainable ecosystems, economies and communities.


Our mandate is to work with our Partners to facilitate and support knowledge-based solutions for natural resource management challenges. We support innovative resource management decisions by:

  • integrating science, experiential, and Indigenous knowledge into natural resource management, policy, and practices;
  • establishing long-term investments in science and learning about managing our natural resources by maintaining infrastructure to:
    • identify needs
    • build research and extension partnerships
    • share and manage information; and,
    • evaluate and report on progress.
  • building innovation and learning capacity through effective use of research, technology development, knowledge exchange, and extension education; and
  • recognizing and celebrating innovative resource management decisions when they occur.

Core Values

FORREX provides the highest quality products and services based on the best available science, technology and innovations. By applying the principles of neutrality, objectivity, quality, trust, fairness and respect we ensure that products and services bridge institutional and individual barriers and enhance the trust and use of best available knowledge. Respect, shared goals, ethical integrity, balance, growth and adaptation are values we aspire to.

Performance Management

FORREX ensures that the value of investments in research and development are realized starting with defining critical knowledge gaps.

The learning continues through to knowledge acquisition, access, knowledge exchange, application and use in the policy, management and collaborative sustainable development of British Columbia’s natural resources.

With an average 25:1 return on investment our contributing agencies and partners realize value in these core areas:

  • Facilitating and coordinating Communities of Practices and Knowledge Networks
  • Decreasing by as much as 50% the time to adoption of innovation
  • Facilitating transformation through science-based best practices
  • Increasing trust in sources of and access to science and best available knowledge
  • Improving personnel productivity by at least 14%
  • Increasing compliance leading to reduced enforcement costs
  • Improving practices leading to reduced retreatment and other costs
  • Improve the innovation climate leading to increased investments and innovation
  • Facilitating objective and quality multi- interest dialogue leading to timely resolution
  • Establishing and maintaining social license

FORREX is outcome focused, monitoring not only progress on production targets, but more important, on how and how well we achieve the desired ends. FORREX conducts mid term evaluations and adjusts strategies where indicated in order to accomplish our objectives.