Compendium of forest hydrology and geomorphology in British Columbia

Project Background:

Over the last two decades, hydrologists and geomorphologists have often discussed the need to document the history, scientific discoveries, and field expertise gained in watershed management in British Columbia. Several years ago, a group of watershed scientists from FORREX, academia, government, and the private sector gathered at the University of British Columbia to discuss the idea of a provincially relevant summary of hydrology, geomorphology, and watershed management. Through this meeting, the Compendium of Forest Hydrology and Geomorphology was born.

As a synthesis document, the Compendium consolidates current scientific knowledge and operational experience into 19 chapters. To ensure reliable, relevant, and scientifically sound information, all chapters were extensively peer reviewed employing the standard double-blind protocol common to most scholarly journals. Chapters in the Compendium summarize the basic scientific information necessary to manage water resources in forested environments, explaining watershed processes and the effects of disturbances across different regions of the province. In short, the Compendium is about British Columbia and is primarily intended for a British Columbian audience, giving it a uniquely regional focus compared to other hydrology texts. At over 800 pages, the Compendium showcases the rich history of forest hydrology, geomorphology, and aquatic ecology research and practice in British Columbia and sets forth the foundation for the future by showing us how much more we have yet to learn.

Project Team:

The project team consists of a Steering Committee and a Publication Team. The project steering committee guides the development of the manuscript, while the publication team co-ordinates publication production.

Project Steering Committee:

  • Dr. Todd Redding, FORREX
  • Robin Pike, BC Ministry of Forests and Range
  • Dr. R.D. (Dan) Moore, University of British Columbia
  • Dr. Rita Winkler, BC Ministry of Forests and Range
  • Dr. Kevin Bladon, FORREX

Table of Contents