The power of knowledge and the FORREX way…


As of January 2, 2014, Mr Saško Despotovski has no further association with FORREX in any capacity.  

The power of knowledge and the FORREX way…

FORREX, established in 1998, is an international consulting agency with the reputation and accreditation of a neutral, charitable organization. Forrex has two associated publications and a team of research scientists and specialists who are strategically located across British Columbia and Canada.
FORREX uniquely brings together researchers, members of the public and those with empirical and indigenous knowledge with the purpose of:

  • Providing detailed scientific analysis of issues surrounding exploration, mining and natural resource projects
  • Creating a neutral environment and processes for analysis and resolve of conflict revolving around the beforementioned industry sectors
  • Allowing for peer reviewed publication of researched results in our journals. 

FORREX has a unique structure with proven landmark results and a long history of success. Our products, science and processes have shaped the policy making in British Columbia and abroad – we would welcome an opportunity to share our processes with you.